sofw journal 9-2005

F. Fajon, K. Golz, L. Zastrow, C. Artmann
Natural Regulation of Sweating – Anti Sweating Products with Bamboo Powder 
J. Arct, K. Pytkowska
Emolliency – Common Oils vs. Exotic Oils 
K. Shimada, K. Awai, H. Fukui
Poly (MPC-co-SMA) for High Performance Carrier Ingredients 
C.M. Rocafort
Global Hair Styling and Fixative Overview
L. Schubnel
Acne – A Condition in Three Stages 
N.V. Yanishlieva, E.M. Marinova, A.G. Toneva
Antioxidant Activity and Mechanism of Action of Some Phenolic Acids in Triacylglycerols of Soybean Oil 
Some New Natural Extracts: Bioactive Components for Biochemical Processes in the Skin 
A. Fitzner, U. Aßmus
Recommendation for the Quality Assessment of the Product Performance of All-Purpose Cleaners
Raw Materials
Bounty of Borneo 
PA Reviviscence LS 9562 - natural protection for the skin against environmental stressors 
Hot kisses with High-Chem
Market Report
»Tube of the Year 2005« Creative ideas stimulate the tube industry
3rd International Fresenius Conference: The European Chemicals Policy, 10 to 11 October 2005, Mainz, near Frankfurt/Germany
Wellness Asia / asia Spa, 21st - 23rd April 2006, New Delhi, India
Company News
BASF establishes Regional Center in Malaysia
Noveon products being renamed
Beiersdorf: successful first half of 2005
Pentapharm Ltd. announces the collaboration with S. Black GmbH
TRI-K Industries welcomes Jill Reimer 
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