sofw journal 8-2005

M. Ciuhrii
The Obtaining of Cosmetic Preparations based on Lipoprotein Compounds Extracted from Insects 
L. Sousselier et
Olive: Nature’s Gift for Enhancing the Beauty of the Skin 
T. Henning, M. Löffler
Ways for cold Process Manufacture of Emulsions based on Solid Emulsifiers
Oral Care
A. Markowetz
Teeth Bleaching 
J. Kielholz:
Innovative Claim Support, a Key Competence for Cosmetic Industry 
G. Meyer, M. Matthäi, J. Auge, H. Lindow
Crystallisation Processes and Hardness of Paraffin Waxes Characterised by DSC, Ultrsonic, X-Ray and Needle Penetration Measurements 
Event Report
B. Ziolkowsky
New Ingredients for Cosmetics, Report from Gatteefossé – Noveon Seminar, Sigmaringen, Germany
A 70th birthday interview, Facets of a Chemist’s Life – A Former Student and His Mentor Take Stock, Dedicated to Prof. Dr. Hermann G. Hauthal in honour of his 70th birthday
HBA 2005 to run special mergers and acquisition session, September 27, 2005 – Javits Center, New York
Societe Francaise de Cosmetologie: Present and Future Trends in Photo-Protection, October 6, 2005 – Pavillon Dauphine, Paris – France
Raw Materials
New preservative blend: Phenonip® XP
Clay Minerals as a basis for cosmetic formulas 
New hand and nail care ingredient: ProSina 
Market Report
The cosmetics market of Russia – slower growth but still dynamic due to growing niches
Company News
Purchase of Naturactiva 
Global approval for Neolone™ preservatives in cosmetic products
IMPAG: New Australian supplier 
Nalco announces new African distributor for personal care
P&G announces management changes
Treatt to distribute tea tree oil
Einstein – Peace Now! 
Phase Transitions in Combinatiorial Opzimization Problems
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