sofw journal 4-2005

D. Schmid, F. Zülli
Role of Beta-Endorphin in the Skin 
A. Thibodeau
The Crucial Role of Metalloproteinase Inhibitors and Regenerating Antioxidants in the Age-Related Alterations of the Skin 
M.-A. Lorteau
A Solution to Inflammatory by a New Holistic Approach 
J.-C. Lepetit
Madecassoside – Immune Regulation of Psoriasis-like Disorders by Natural Anti-Inflammatory Active Ingredient 
J. Fechner
Bioactive Glasses as a Potential New Class of Anti-Oxidative Ingredients for Personal Care Products
U. Marx, C. Brust
Sodium Cocoyl Glutamate, an Emulsifying Agent for Cold Production of O/W Emulsions 
I. Maalesch
Amaranth Seed Oil – Anti-inflammatory Effects on Psoriasis Vulgaris and Dermatitis Atopica 
K. Henning
Millet Oil for Skin and Hair Care
T. Henning, W. Stelter
Properties of PEGs in Comparison to other Polyols and their Application in Oral Care Formulations
Product of the Months
Frictiometer® FR 770, Multiprobe Adapter System MPA 
Event Report
P. Morganti
Wellbeing at the Congress, 7th International Congress of the International Society of Cosmetic Dermatology 
Market Report
Aluminium beverage cans: Racing along in fast lane 
Raw Materials
Cognis: Value-added concepts to serve the wellness trend
Degussa introduces an »intelligent« deodorant active
New Sanolin: easy handling and a cleaner working place
CRYSTALCAST™: Liquid crystals for formulations
New detergent enzyme gets clothes clean in cold water 
Herbamilk™ - luscious new palette of plant milks
Anti-wrinkle synthetic peptide mimics the effect of the snake venom peptide Waglerin-1 
UVA-I-Filter Uvinul® A Plus zugelassen
Croda Personal Care will present a number of new valueadded product concepts 
Virgin Plum Oil
Company News
Croda: SAP system 
National Starch: Kathy Maurer Marketing Manager of Hair Styling Polymers
LANXESS sales and earnings as planned
Bayer Santé Samiliale – formerly Laboratoires Roche Nicholas
Noveon appoints Lipscomb Chemical Company as Distributor for MeG-Lan Personal Care Ingredients 
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