sofw journal 12-2004

H.L. Möhle
Dynamic Interfacial Properties of Non-Ionic Surfactants
J. Storsberg, A. Laschewsky
Polymer Surfactants – Novel Active Agents with Exceptional Properties
SEPAWA Congress 2004
SEPAWA News: SEPAWA board of management lays down strategic direction of the association
H.G. Hauthal
51st SEPAWA Congress 2004 – Report 
Market Report
E. Turmes
Innovation-Fuelled Personal Care Market Spurs Development of Novel Polymers
L. Marlier, M. Selter
Bimodal Polymers for Next Generation Hair Styling Products 
C. Schwarzwälder, P. Scheppler, V. Estermaier
Alkyl-Modified Silicone Waxes as Customized Additives for Cosmetics 
Event Report
GMP in Cosmetics: National and International Aspects, SWISS SCC Training Event, September 24, 2004, Switzerland 
Raw Materials
Amino Phenyl Resin Fluid for Hair Care
A new Preservative for Cosmetics
New Polymers for Anti-Filming and Anti-Spotting in Autodishwash
Targeted conditioning for hair without build-up
Society News
SCC hosts successful 23rd IFSCC Congress, Orlando, Florida, Walt Disney World® Dolphin Hotel, October 24 - 26, 2004
Institut Schrader recipients of the IFSCC Applied Research Award 
Events in 2005
Company News
Symrise increases the competitiveness of its German production sites
Uniqema appoints Chris Siemer as Regional Director for Asia 
Rohm and haas company receives Japanese approval for its Preservative
Croda brings in New Sales Rep
CP Kelco Targets Pectin Capacity Expansion 
K. Holmberg, ed., Novel Surfactants – Preparation, Applications, and Biodegradability 
Authors’ Guidelines
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