sofw journal 8-2004

E. Hernandez
Bioengineering in Dermatology and Cosmetology: Methods, Studies and Prospects
K. Booten, B. Levecke
Polymeric, Carbohydrate-Based Surfactants and their Use in Personal Care Applications
C. Mitchell, U. Issberner, M. Benvegnu, A. Corbella
Sensorial Elegance in Solubilizing Natural Ingredients 
B. Schweid, G. Martino
How Thermal Protection is Made Possible with Sodium Polystyrene Sulfonate
Liquid Crystal Composition and Cosmetic Preparation
Skin Protection and Vitamin Delivery Composition
Application Technology for Test Methods for Surfactants, New Published Standards of DIN Committee NPM 563
Anhydrous Aerosol Hairspray Compositions Containing Silicone Grafted Copolymers 
Kolb, Roll on the Next Forty Years
Trend Report
The BSB Trend Report: Actives
Raw Materials
Cremogen® AlphaPulp A new hair complex
Neobee® Triglycerides
Vialox, the anti-wrinkle breakthrough without painful injections
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