sofw journal 7-2004

N.V. Yanhishlieva, E.M. Marinova, A.G. Toneva
Influence of Linoleic Acyl Moiety on the Antioxidant Activity of some Hydroxycinnamic Acid Derivatives
S. Pávek, J. Dvoraková, V. Velebny
A new Hydrophylic Antioxidant from Tamarindus indica
P. Morganti
Dry Skin and Moisturization
H. Tronnier, B. Garbe, D. Kockott, U. Heinrich
On the Influence of the Application Amount of Sun Protection Products on their Efficacy and Photostability
Disadvantages of Pigments and Alternatives: Use of cholesteric liquid-crystalline polymers as photostable UV screens in cosmetic and pharmaceutical preparations
Photoprotective Lipophilic Antioxidant Compounds and their Use to Prevent UVA-mediated Lipid Peroxidation 
Sunscreen Compositions:
• Use of beeswax
• Use of synthetic beeswax to increase the protection factor of cosmetic or dermatological sunscreens
• Synergistically UV-photoprotecting benzotriazolesubstituted silicon/cinnamic acid compositions 
Event Report
K. Raabe
PCIA 2004 –  Impressions from China, March 9 – 11, 2004, Guangzhou, China
Antiperspirant and Deodorant Aerosols: Different Compositions – Generation of Freshness 
Market Report
British spent most for personal care in Europe
India, a challenging market for global perfume and cosmetic brands 
What women really want 
The Italien cosmetics industry closes 2003 with only 1% plus 
Technologies / Raw Materials
Makeup based on »dry water«
A cost-effective way to identify the »whitening effect« in sunscreen formulations 
Quantifying the ageing process 
Fruit surfactant for a gentle approach 
Proprietary blend of polymers based on Gellan Gum
Chicory roots in Chile
High-perforance design for cosmetic packaging 
Society News
SCS: 2004 Annual General Meeting 
Cosmetic & Household Ingredients (CHI): Conference Program, 15 - 16 November 2004, Warsaw 
Company News
Laboratoire Dermscan and LIBC merge their R&D skills
Olvia Beta has been acquired by Procter&Gamble
Cognis’ first quarter results show significant improvement
etma is online
Inovia International: »Functional ingredient solutions«
Orafti plant in Chile receives the definitive green light from the Chilean authorities
Mc Cutcheon’s 2004: Emulsifiers & Detergents, Functional Materials
Diacylglycerol Oil
Legume Crop Genomics
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