sofw journal 6-2004

Detergents / Surfactants
R. Miller, C. Olak, A.V. Makievski
Tensiometry as a Tool for Quantiative Analysis of Surfactant Adsorption
C.M. Görtz
The Interactions of Various Water-Soluble Polymeric Rheology Modifiers with Different Surfactant Classes
N.C. Foster
Methyl Ester Sulfonates in Commercial Detergents 
H.G. Hauthal
Long-lasting Cleanliness by Temporary Modification of Hard Surfaces
Q. Westdijk, G. Richter, E. Hulshof, M. Bollier
Mannanase – Enzyme Functionality for Stain Removal 
M. Stalmans, D. Sabaliunas
Retrospective Review of Surfactant Environmental Assessments
I. Benoit, L. Danoux, V. Gillon, Ph. Moussou, G. Pauly
Oligopeptides from Hibiscus esculentus seeds to smooth expression lines
H.G. Hauthal
Fuel Additives and Selective Catalytic Reduction
P. Morganti
An Ever Greener and Safer Chemistry
T. Tekotte
The German Aerosol Market
Market Report
Reduction of VOC emissions from cosmetics and cleaners
Strongest Future Demand Growth Expected from Eastern Europe, Middle East and Africa
Event Report
BSB Oscar Awards 2004, May 4th, 2004
Company News
Dr. Rüdiger Iden named honorary professor 
Lutz Hübner leaves Schülke & Mayr
Heinrich Emanuel Merck Award goes to Japanese nanotechnology scientist
Be a winner with Luviset® Clear
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