sofw journal 5-2004

A. Ansmann
A Modern View on Stabilisation Mechanisms of Cosmetic Emulsions 
J. Newton, C. Stoller, M. Starch
Silicone Technology offers Novel Methods for Delivering Active Ingredients
G. Blume, D. Teichmüller
Cyclodextrins, Vesicles and Particles 
K. Jung, Th. Herrling, R. Reszka, G. Blume
Structural and Functional Quality Control of Cosmetic Products by ESR Spectroscopy
W. Fabianowski
Rheological Modifiers of Synthetic Origin 
Aerosol Ointments for Various Applications Treatment of sunburn and relief from arthritic pain
Product of the Month
ALP-ORGANIC Line of Plant Extracts 
Market Report
BSB Trendreport: Verkapselungen
Raw Materials
New Acties from Greentech
Groundbreaking Enzyme for Detergents
New Cosmetics Additive gives Cost-Effective Wrinkle Cover
6th World Surfactants Congress, 20 – 23 June 2004, Berlin, Germany
First International Workshop of Cosmetics, September 5 - 7, 2004, Cuba 
Event Report
Record Attandance at PCIA 2004
Society / Company News
BACS Sector Group COSRAM to represent EFfCI in the UK
ISP acquires the business of Hallcrest Ltd.
Lubrizol to acquire Noveon
AplaGen GmbH and Lonza Ltd have signed a licensing Agreement for AplaGen’s CFPS-technology
Redisigned website of laboratories Sérobiologiques
TRI-K Industries names Noveon de Mexico exclusive representative in Mexico
CD seminars 
Author’s Guidelines 
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