sofw journal 3-2004

C. Mas-Chamberlin, O. Peschard, R. Leroux, Ph. Mondon, F. Lamy, K. Lintner
Di-acetyl-nor-aporphines: Novel Molecules and Novel Mechanism to Inhibit Melanogenesis
U. Wollenweber, P. Lersch
Creatine – A Versatile Cellular Energizer for Personal Care Products
J.C. Bozou, L. Gautry, G. Pianelli
A New Biopolymer for Refreshment
G. Hempel, B. Gutsche
Quantitative Determination of 2-Hydroxy-1,4-naphthochinone (Lawsone) in Henna hair dyes
R. Winwood
Create Tip-Top Toothpaste with Xanthan Gum
A. Mehling, S. Buchwald-Werner
Natural Actives for Impure Skin
M.Y. Pletnev
Vegetable-Derived Surfactants as a Reply to the Natural Trend in the Household and Personal Care 
Challenge & Solution 
Clear Hair Care Preparations as an Aerosol Foam 
Product of the Month
TEGOTOP® 105 Novel Concentrate for Care Products to Create the Lotus-Effect® 
Raw Materials
Acerola Body Gel
Cosmetic Fluids without Alcohol 
Risk of Heart Disease Reduced by Grape Seeds 
New Natural Preservative
New Ways of Innovating with Silicones 
New Amazonian Oils
Event Report
EFfCI Annual Conference 2003
International Scientific Conference, 19-20 November 2003
Safety Assessment of Cosmetics in the EU, Training Course, 4 – 9 April 2004, Brussels
Company News
News from the companies 
Author’s Guidelines
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