Journal Edition sofw journal 11-2021


When looking at the current trends within the laundry sector, it is clear, consumers are looking for more sustainable solutions. They are demanding laundry products that can help to reduce consumption of plastic packaging and that will have a longer-term approach to the world’s water scarcity issues.  

However, the trends in consumption tell a different story. As the use of powdered laundry detergent continues its steady decline, consumers are increasingly turning to the more convenient, but less sustainable, liquid laundry capsules, rather than the liquid laundry option which is remaining flat. 

At IMCD we have looked at how the formulation of new liquid laundry concentrates can help to meet the consumer demand for ‘greener’ solutions, reduce the amount of packaging and water required and remove the need for more the complicated manufacturing and formulation processes required by PVOH film pods. 

This article will demonstrate how a 25ml liquid laundry concentrate can maintain comparable cleaning performance and physical stability to liquid capsules from a leading European brand, while using more sustainable raw materials, and providing cost effective choices. 

The success of this solution will, however, lie with manufacturers to develop a suitably flexible and convenient package to ensure ease and accuracy of use for end-users. 

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