Author S. Hübner, F. Weiher, D. Buser
Journal Edition sofw journal 3-2018


Since the EU regulation on phosphorus limitation in automatic dishwashing detergents (ADWDs) entered into force in January 2017, sodium citrates have become a well-established alternative to phosphates as environmentally friendly builders for ADWDs. An innovative alternative to the commonly used sodium citrate dihydrate (TSC) is the anhydrous form of sodium citrate (TSA) which has an active content of 100%. TSA has excellent tableting properties and can be used as a carrier for liquid active substances due to its porous structure. In that regard, surfactants are of special interest because they are often liquid or waxy and therefore represent a particular challenge in dry formulations (e.g. tablets). An advantageous combination of the two active substances can be achieved by loading TSA with surfactants. Loading TSA with surfactants shows that free-flowing TSA-surfactant powder can be produced. This loading step allows for easy handling of raw materials and, in the final application, excellent tablet properties.

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