Journal Edition sofw journal 1/2-2018


In the last few years, interest in surfactants that produced from renewable sources has increased considerably. The high interest to the surfactants obtained from natural sources is due to the fact that such surfactants are particularly biodegradable. There is great demand for the development of such surfactants compared to conventional surfactants. There is also a trend towards sustainable production using natural resources instead of petrochemical resources. Commercially available conventional surfactants are generally toxic to humans and the environment and have a very low rate of degradation in the environment. As a result, the industry has turned to the use of natural raw materials. Sugar-based surfactants are biodegradable and non-toxic surfactants with a wide range of uses in cosmetic and detergent applications, showing good skin compatibility. Among the surfactants produced from natural sources, alkyl polyglycosides are at the top list of the world due to their chemical and physical properties. For this reason, many researchers and producers focus their attention on these.

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