Author L. Verzeaux, C. Chauprade, C. Soulié, S. Richer, L. Marchand, E. Aymard, B. Closs
Journal Edition sofw journal 1/2-2020


For over 35 years, Nature has been at the heart of the company business. Each SILAB active ingredient starts its history as a natural raw material, a source of active molecules capable of endogenously reactivating the skin’s original resources.

For each development, SILAB guarantees a perfect mastery of natural, from the raw material up to the manufactured ingredient, corresponding to the Mastering natural® program specifications. The resulting active ingredient is natural with no compromise on safety, quality and efficacy. These 3 parameters are considered very early in each active ingredient development.

The neck and décolleté area symbolizes femininity and needs to be cosseted with the application of adapted beauty care. This fragile area, exposed to the effects of time, gravity and external stresses, shows evidence of the early signs of aging. However, there is a lack of care dedicated to this body area.

The aim of this study was to develop a natural active ingredient, which is safe, of high quality, with identified active molecules and effective on biological markers involved in the appearance of sagging neck and décolleté skin.

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