Journal Edition sofw journal 6-2020


Aroma molecules (fragrances) are indispensable components of many cosmetic and wellness products. This work demonstrates the possibility of quantitative determination of aroma molecules in carrier salts (flavored salts for bath-wellness and as components of detergent compositions) based on the surface activity of aroma molecules. The aqueous solutions of three differently coloured carrier salts with different loaded fragrance composition have been studied using dynamic tensiometry (maximum bubble pressure). The fraction of the carrier (coarse/fine) and the amount of the dissolved flavoured salts have been varied. Also, the effect of the artificial aging on the amount of the loaded aroma molecules has been revealed. The demonstrated approach can be used for the optimizations of compositions and of the manufacturing
processes of fragrances-containing products, as well as for the assessment of the release/evaporation of fragrances from
the products.
Further development of the proposed approach will make it possible to evaluate the molecular interactions of aroma substances with other components of detergents and of cosmetic formulations, such as surfactants, polymers, salts and pigments.

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