Journal Edition sofw journal 10-2020


Behavioural changes: Within a very short period of time, wearing a face mask has led women to focus more on the eye area when applying make-up. A survey by the French IFOP showed that 44% of women who regularly used decorative cosmetics no longer put make-up on their lips under the mask. The proportion of women who used make-up daily decreased by half. The trend is now strongly moving towards skin care and wellness at the expense of color cosmetics (Premium Beauty News, July 12, 2020). Surveys in France, Germany and U.K. confirm this. Of those over 55, 46% say they have more often taken up beauty and body care activities to promote their health. Of the 16-34 year olds, 45% say they do this to reduce stress and anxiety. Overall, 59% said that beauty and body care activities were used to have a good time (Mintel survey, 2020).

In uncertain times, people want to feel safe and secure. This leads to a strong demand for cosmetics that care for consumers and make them feel good. In other words, products with fragrances and active ingredients that help people to relax and cope better with stress. The personal care industry can respond with more positive and emotional marketing. However, the products must also be effective enough to generate long-term trust and interest, which is very important for emotional products.

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