Journal Edition sofw journal 12-2020


Regularly skipping sleep is associated with chronic low inflammation, oxidative stress and weakened immune system. These three factors are interconnected and all of them generate further inflammation, oxidative stress and worsen the immune system.
The alarmin interleukin IL-33 is a pro-inflammatory cytokine released upon cell damage activating the immune response and inducing oxidative stress and further inflammation. IL-33 is over-expressed in conditions of chronic inflammation like a topic dermatitis and obstructive sleep apnea.
Sleep disturbance also presents high levels of glucose which may glycate proteins of the skin and the endothelial and lymphatic vessels, weakening their integrity and producing oxidative stress and more inflammation. In addition, melatonin levels are decreased, which not only affects its circadian role but also as a potent antioxidant and antiglycant.
iPeptide™ is a peptide that was discovered to down-regulate IL-33 expression through a Big Data analysis. It showed to modulate chronic inflammation and damages induced by hyperglycemia due to sleep deprivation. It also presented a melatonin-like protection effect and reinforced the first line of immune defense. In vivo, it decreased fatigue features, awakened sleepy lookand had a local cool effect.

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