Journal Edition sofw journal 03-2021


As we are living in a world full of uncertainties, where we are challenged by the coming together of environmental, health and employment crises, mental and physical stresses tend to overwhelm us. These stresses have deleterious effects on human body and especially on skin. They lead to the impairment of cell bioenergetic functions, thus contributing to premature skin aging. To recover serenity, being inspired by Japanese traditions and their Zen aesthetic principles can be a new way to address daily stresses. This paper presents the concept of Zen aesthetics that allowed us to develop several formulations under the beauty concept called “Zenspiration”. Among these formulations, the Energizing Water Cream is dedicated to re-energizing stressed cells. This paper also describes the skin biological benefits provided by an active ingredient called Rootness™ Energize, included in the Energizing Water Cream, and developed thanks to the plant milking technology. This extract from the roots of Luffa cylindrica demonstrated in vitro its ability to protect and stimulate cell bioenergetic functions while stimulating antioxidant defense systems and accelerating the renewal of key extracellular matrix components. A clinical study enrolling stressed women demonstrated that Rootness™ Energize improved skin elasticity and firmness in stressed women, leading to a reduction in wrinkles.

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