Journal Edition sofw journal 04-2021


The acne derived from mask wearing (maskne) is a global trend that was brought up along the pandemic amongst population. What is the origin? Microbes communicate with each other to coordinate group behaviors, through a specific communication system called Quorum Sensing. This systemis responsible for the human microbiome health. Quora Noni hacks these bacteria communication signals, avoiding the harmful attack of microbes on the skin, that causes acne and other skin conditions. This Noni stem cell ingredient is a metabolome rich in anti-Quorum Sensing molecules, specially designed to act against bacterial dysbiosis, blocking the microbial communication signals in a natural way, stopping the development of virulence and perfecting, at the same time, the skin appearance. The active does not contain antibiotics, thus avoiding the potential development of microbial resistance, and it is also bacteriostatic, maintaining a healthy microbial balance. Several in vitro and in vivo studies were carried out to demonstrate these claims and the high efficacy of the active against acne.

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