Journal Edition sofw journal 06-2021


This application study examined in vivo the effect of a microbiotic care product (SYMBIO® DERMAL) on dry skin prone to atopic dermatitis. The microbiotic care contained a complex of lysed, non-pathogenic Escherichia coli and Enterococcus faecalis bacteria additionally to nourishing substances. It thus follows the “emollients plus”-principle as described in the current European guidelines for treatment of atopic dermatitis [5]. Before and after applying the microbiotic care for four weeks, the following tests were carried out on defined skin testing areas: (i) determination of the transepidermal water loss (TEWL); (ii) determination of hydration, (iii) evaluation of dryness / flaking by in vivo touching evaluation, (iv) clinical-dermatological assessment with final questionnaire and (v) patch safety test. As shown after four weeks of application, the microbiotic care reduced transepidermal water loss by an average of around 22%, increased skin moisture by an average of almost 50% and reduced dryness / flaking by an average of almost 50%. Consequently, the microbiotic care supported the barrier function of dry skin. Previously performed in vitro studies also proved immunomodulatory properties of the bacterial lysate complex. According to clinical-dermatological test criteria, the microbiotic care was very well tolerated. It received the 5-star-rating (“clinically tested” & “very good”) from Dermatest.

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