Author H. Shao-yong, Q. Qiu-yue, H. Fang, Z. Li-dan, L. Yi-na
Journal Edition sofw journal 10-2021


Prunus persica (peach) is a resin secreted from the bark of rosaceae peaches or mountain peaches. It is a pink or light yellow to yellowish brown translucent solid. The main components of prunus persica (peach) are polysaccharides and proteins. Prunus persica (peach) polysaccharides are mainly composed of galactose and it is composed of arabinose. And also contains a small amount of mannose, rhamnose and glucose which has the effects of beauty and anti-aging. Subjects of different ages and suitable health were selected for clinical evaluation of the instant wrinkle-removing function of Immedeline PG. It is found that both 5% and 10% Immedeline PG can significantly improve the firmness of finger skin. It was found that 10% Immedeline PG can significantly improve the skin elasticity. The improvement effect is most obvious at 2 hrs and can be maintained for 8 hrs. After 5 minus of applying, the eye corner wrinkles were significantly improved. The effect was most obvious in 2 hrs and maintained after 8 hrs.

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