Journal Edition sofw journal 5-2022


Naturality and sustainability have become a game changer in the personal care industry. Each continent adapts differently and offers various solutions to address the expectations of consumers. In Europe, and especially in Germany, a strong focus is put on the naturality of ingredients. Nowadays, several chemistries, covering a wide range of ingredients from ethoxylated compounds to synthetic polymers, are not welcome anymore in some cosmetic formulations. If some solutions already exist, they rarely allow replacing the above mentioned ingredients 1:1. Each formula can become a new challenge. Consequently, because of the high technical challenge of natural formulations achieving the same performance as synthetic-based products, the formulators don’t always have the possibility to investigate the 360° formulation profile of each ingredient and to understand its benefits and inconvenients in different types, and sometimes surprising, galenics. Here is a focus on a very versatile co-emulsifier and emollient that can be used like a Swiss-Army knife to give the boost that formulations need. 

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