Journal Edition sofw journal 6-2022


No other issue has preoccupied the entire world in the last two years as much as the Corona pandemic. Accordingly, the topic of the immune system and how to keep it strengthened to avoid infection came into focus. And indeed, we can observe that the appearance of the skin suffers greatly when we have caught an infection. But there are also chronic skin conditions that are immunologically caused and where there is no infection. Psoriasis is such a condition. Six out of 2000 people asked in the UK suffer from psoriasis, independent from age or gender (Mintel). Psoriasis is currently not curable. We can only try to alleviate the symptoms. Here we show how a medicinal mushroom used for thousands of years can provide relief. It regulates the immune system and the skin microbiota, and can thus reduce psoriasis. This concept coincides with the consumer’s desire for a natural solution to their condition.

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