Journal Edition sofw journal 6-2022


The cosmetic industry is continuously seeking for innovative and reliable products. For generations, collagen has become one of the most trustworthy ingredients due to its efficacy and its interesting properties: anti-aging, moisturizer, humectant, among others. Substantiated concerns have been raised with regard to quality, safety and consistency of animal-sourced collagen. In this context, it has been developed a plant-based fragment of human type I collagen, which is of high purity and contains the proper post-translational modifications to be completely functional due to the use of wild-plant as biofactories’ technology. This identical-to-human fragment collagen type I has been shown to have broad efficacy in and tests, as well as a potent anti-aging effect in clinical studies. These interesting properties highlights fColI(h) as a highly effective and safer source of collagen in the very near future.

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