Journal Edition sofw journal 7+8-2022


The market for cosmetic products containing sunscreens is growing as consumers become more aware of the harmful effects of UV rays on the skin. The skin is our first layer of protection against the environment. It is essential for our health and forms the barrier that protects us from physical and biological noxae. The greatest physical threat is UV radiation from the sun, recognized as a significant factor in the development of skin cancer [1]. UVB rays are absorbed by the epidermis of the skin and are mainly associated with sunburn. UVA rays that reach the skin penetrate the epidermis and are responsible for skin aging. More and more consumers start considering skin aging and skin cancer as potential damage caused by UV light and become aware of the need to apply sun protection as part of their daily habit as well as summer and holiday routine. At the same time they also start thinking about potential safety issues of UV filters. 

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