Journal Edition sofw journal 7+8-2022


When we analyse new product launches a significant part is about solid product forms [1].

In this context solid bar formats are the natural place to start. A much more concentrated formulation in terms of ingredients, solid formats can have a lower cost per use than traditional formats, which contain a lot more water, particularly in the haircare and bath or shower categories.

Packaging of solid bars can provide further sustainable benefits, using biodegradable cardboard as opposed to the large plastic container required to house liquid shampoo.

Mintel [1] recommends that brands think more broadly when entering the waterless category than just eliminating water from the product. The true impact will come from how that product is used by the consumer, and more importantly, what is left over after the product is used up.

Boosting a solid product form works very well with oil soluble ingredients and particles. However, these ingredients should support the skin barrier and not compromise the skin microbiome. 

Based on a product concept, which has been developed at the IMCD Skin Care and Sun Care Center of Excellence in Paris [2] and which has been awarded by the SEPAWA Innovation Award 2021 [3] we find a lot of inspiration.

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