Journal Edition sofw journal 9-2022


Oily skin is one of the most common issue in the cosmetic field and concern both teenagers and adults from all ethnicities. Unfortunately, the current irritating treatments lead to skin dryness, sebaceous gland atrophy and impact the skin barrier integrity. The aim of this study was to evaluate Mangifera indica extract as a new way to solve oily condition for Caucasian, African and Asian skins. Mangifera indica significantly reduced the production of lipids on various ethnicities on human sebocytes derived from iPS. Transcriptomic analysis on all ethnicities of several genes involved in sebum production has demonstrated that Mangifera indica significantly regulated lipogenesis on iPS-derived-human sebocytes. Ex vivo studies confirmed that Mangifera indica played on lipogenesis inhibition without impacting integrity of sebaceous glands. Finally, we confirmed at the clinical level a significant reduction of sebum production on Caucasian, Asian and African skins. Our results showed that Mangifera indica is an inclusive seboregulator, efficient on the three major ethnicities through an innovative mode of action controlling lipogenesis without impacting sebaceous gland morphology. Considering that sebum overproduction is related to acne concern, our results support a role for Mangifera indica in the therapeutic strategy for prevention and treatment of acne.

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