Journal Edition sofw journal 10-2022


Water lilies originate from the water and symbolize beauty and purity. This association makes water lilies an ideal starting point to create water-based cosmetic concepts. The flowers, visible above the water, are seemingly the most attractive part of the plant. A closer look, however, uncovers that water lily roots are exceptional underwater factories of phytochemicals. Their long and branched root system produces a unique combination of metabolites – all potential additives for hair care products. Water Lily Root Extracts contain amphipathic saponins, antioxidative flavonoids, and keratin-enforcing tannins, a combination perfectly suited for the daily hair care routine. 

With its proven efficacy, Water Lily Root Extract is a powerful ingredient for hair care applications. The extract protects hair from urban pollution, it improves hair manageability, it tames frizzy hair, and it optimizes hair volume and definition.

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