Journal Edition sofw journal 10-2022


In today’s world consumers aim for a sustainable and healthy lifestyle. Therefore, a modern cosmetic product must not only be safe to use but is formulated and produced with an aspiration for a low environmental footprint. These demands call for efficient and safe ingredients without compromising the microbial safety. 

The options for microbial stabilization are increasingly limited due to legislative restrictions and changing consumer expectations. Furthermore, the increased use of natural ingredients can pose a higher risk of contamination. High raw material standards and a sound microbial quality management (e.g. Ashland’s MQMTM) applied throughout the entire production process lay ground for a hygienic product. However, to safeguard the integrity of a cosmetic product during its transport, storage and use, an adequate broad-spectrum antimicrobial is essential. 

Ashland’s latest launch sensivaTM sc 80 multifunctional meets multiple needs. The synergistic blend is a powerful antibacterial and fungicide, safe to use, sustainable, and nature-derived (ISO 16128). Additionally, sensivaTM sc 80 multifunctional provides skin functionalities that contribute to well-aging and a healthy skin. 

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