Journal Edition sofw journal 3-2023


With age, the skin microbiome changes and evolves from producing a postbiotic of youth markers (Youth Biome Markers, YBMs) to secreting a postbiotic of ageing markers (Senile Biome Markers, SBMs). These SBMs are activated by Quorum Sensing, a microbial communication system which allows them to coordinate their behaviour, turning them more virulent and producing degradative enzymes. These enzymes are harmful for the skin and lead to the appearance of signs of ageing: inflammation, redness, pores, loss of firmness and appearance of wrinkles. 

The active Quora Noni™ biomics, obtained from Morinda citrifolia (noni) stem cells, inhibits the Quorum Sensing. By doing so, it rejuvenates the skin microbiota, reducing the SBMs and therefore, the wrinkles. At the same time, it increases the skin firmness and improves the imperfections (redness and pores) on mature skin profiles.

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