Journal Edition sofw journal 4-2023


Vegetable oils are frequently used as valuable raw materials in a wide variety of cosmetic products. The oils are said to have positive effects on the skin surface and to strengthen the skin barrier. Furthermore, they counteract excessive moisture loss from the skin.

The decisive factor in the use of vegetable oils as cosmetic raw materials is their purity and impeccable quality. Specific quality and testing parameters are used to ensure quality and safety. This also serves to comply with the requirements of Regulation (EC) 1223/2009 [1]. Furthermore, a reproducible manufacturing process is crucial in order to achieve consistent qualities. 

As part of a project, a total of 18 vegetable cosmetic oils (15 different oils) were specified more precisely with regard to the fatty acid spectrum, tocopherol distribution and phytosterols. Sometimes “exotic” oils or oils that are rarely used (e.g. pomegranate seed oil) are also included. The data provide a comprehensive overview of authenticity and the ingredients of the vegetable oils studied.

It must be taken into account that these analytical values may vary depending on provenance, cultivation, production, processing, etc.. Likewise, usual analytical measurement uncertainties must be taken into account when interpreting these data.

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