Journal Edition sofw journal 5-2023


Scalp conditions such as itchiness and flaking are key concerns for consumers. This is stimulating interest in the role skin care ingredients could play in treating such symptoms if added to hair and scalp care products. Recent in vivo studies showed how our proven, 100% natural, moisturising skin active Saccharide isomerate (commercial name PENTAVITIN®) reduces two conditions associated with an oily and flaking scalp – increased transepidermal water loss and sebum secretion [2]. To support our findings further, we have conducted a new, proof-of-concept in-vivo study. In this study, in collaboration with our partners
TRI Princeton and Newtone Technologies, we trialled pioneering, scalp colour 3D mapping technology to visualise changes in scalp sebum levels and hydration following treatment with a shampoo containing Saccharide isomerate. Here, we present key data from our clinical study and full details of our 3D scalp mapping approach and proof-of-concept study. We also include visualisations of the improvements observed in scalp sebum and scalp hydration levels after seven days’ frequent use of a shampoo formulation containing 0.5% Saccharide isomerate.

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