Author A. Mehling, H. Riedel, H. Gondek, R. Jung, J. Koch
Journal Edition sofw journal 3-2019


Using systematic studies to develop new formulations that effectively reduce the impact of particulate matter on the skin


Pollution and the risks it poses to human health have become a global concern, and consumers are well aware of the relevant dangers. Although the negative effects of particulate matter on the respiratory system are well documented, until now their impact on the skin has not been investigated in depth. Working on the assumption that keeping particulate matter off skin is the first line of defense against pollution-induced damage, BASF has developed a novel standardized test method to assess the effects of typical cosmetic ingredients, i.e. polymers, emulsifiers, and emollients, on the adhesion and removability of pollutants. The findings have been used to create formulations that exhibit clear anti-adhesion and rinse-off (removability) effects.

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