Journal Edition sofw journal 4-2024


Vytrus Biotech harnesses its extensive expertise in plant regeneration science, built over a decade, to tap into the power of totipotent plant cell cultures for innovative cosmetic solutions. Based on in-house knowledge, Vytrus has shown many similarities in tissue regeneration processes between plants and animals, also identifying several small signalling peptides from Centella asiatica stem cells (plant oligopeptides) involved in growth and division processes. These plant-derived peptides are particularly effective in rejuvenating ageing human dermal fibroblasts, showcasing growth factor-like activities that are pivotal for skin renewal and anti-ageing effects.

The profound impact of these phyto-peptidic fractions on ageing skin cells is evident in their ability to not only slow down the ageing process but also to promote cell proliferation. This breakthrough signifies a monumental leap in anti-ageing skincare, bridging the gap between natural plant science and cutting-edge biotechnological advancements. In vitro and in vivo studies confirm the potential of these peptides to reverse the ageing signs in fibroblasts, offering a natural yet powerful approach to combat skin ageing.

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