Journal Edition sofw journal 5-2024


Part 1 describes the types of water that are generally available and how they are to be characterised from a chemical and microbiological point of view. For use in the production of cosmetic products (water as a raw material and water for cleaning purposes), certain microbiological quality requirements must be specified for the water. This is usually done by assigning microbiological purity requirements. These include, on the one hand, limiting the total viable count (TVC)  (drinking water limits are usually used as a minimum standard) and, on the other hand, excluding certain specified microorganisms. In order to provide water of the desired quality, a suitable treatment system is required. The system must be designed to provide sufficient antimicrobial treatment of the water (there are various methods available). In addition, the water must be kept in constant circulation to prevent the accumulation of microorganisms (avoidance of biofilm!).

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