Journal Edition sofw journal 12-2018


Pentylene glycol (1,2-pentanediol) offers a complete toolbox for the cosmetic formulator. Numerous studies have already been published on this timeless cosmetic ingredient showcasing its multifunctionality. This versatile cosmetic ingredient has been incorporated into formulas for over 25 years. It is classic yet remains trendy, addressing current formulator’s needs. While past data obtained for pentylene glycol were the result of studies using this multifaceted ingredient at higher concentrations, new studies demonstrate the benefits of this material even at lower concentrations. Today formulators are compelled to do more with less and pentylene glycol plays a key role in this space. Biological and emotional benefits for the consumer are the two mains objectives of formulators when developing cosmetic products. Pentylene glycol enhances these two parameters by acting as a moisturizing agent, co-emulsifier and a solubiliser as well as enhancing performance of other active ingredients. Pentylene glycol provides formulators the solution for the simplicity and minimalism demanded by today’s consumer without compromising their experience.

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