Journal Edition sofw journal 12-2018


This thesis selected ascorbic acid as a symbol component, utilized Franz diffusion tank facility and pig ear skin to simulate the transdermal absorption environment and conditions, and employed high performance liquid chromatography to determine the ascorbic acid content and to discover the effect of four different types of cosmetics systems (facial mask (A), lyophilized essence (B1), combination of lyophilized essence and facial mask (B2) and essence (C)) on its transdermal absorption. It was found that the total amount of transdermal absorption of ascorbic acid within 4 hours was B2 > A > B1 > C, in which B2 reached 0.413 μg • mm-2, and the transdermal absorptivity was B2 > A > B1 > C, in which B2 even reached 0.98 %. The results showed that the mask could promote the transdermal absorption of ascorbic acid, especially when the lyophilized essence worked together with the mask, the performance and effect of transdermal absorption were more significant, which could provide good suggestions for application in the use of product.

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