Author J. Cebrián, M. Fougère, F. Pecquerie
Journal Edition sofw journal 3-2018


Sensitive skin is becoming a rising concern in our modern society. Many different extrinsic and intrinsic factors such as pollution, increased exposure to chemicals, stress of our hectic lives, hormones etc., affect the quality and the condition of the skin. Formulating with ingredients that enable milder products with simplicity, pleasant aesthetics and sensory, while maintaining the performance expected by consumers, has become a challenge. A new generation of multifunctional acrylate-based polymeric emulsifier contributes to overcome the limitation of existing technologies. Mildness of this generation of polymeric emulsifier has been compared to well-known skin irritant substances by surface tension measurement. Formulators are nowadays offered with a robust and highly efficient solution for emulsion stability and mildness without compromise on the pleasant sensory and the variety of galenics in the skin and sun care markets.

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