Author A. Zmiric, S. Manzano, L. Rodrigues
Journal Edition sofw journal 7/8-2019


A cosmetic product wins when it succeeds in awakening the sensory memory of someone who uses it by creating a unique texture, intriguing color or unforgettable fragrance. This sensory experience is important to modern consumers who are increasingly asking for feathery, second-skin like textures. This particularly applies to those who follow the so called “layering” regimen, a popular skincare trend originating in Asia in which different products are applied on the skin, one above another, in specific order. Commonly cosmetic products are produced using volatile silicones, fossil-based alkanes and esters but there is growing concern over their accumulation in the environment and the petrochemical sourcing of these materials, raising sustainability and safety questions. This has led to products created with bio-based, sustainable and safe materials. A unique green chemistry process, called metathesis, has paved the road to bio-based alkanes, enabling the production of feathery emollients, that have high skin compatibility, are synergistic with all other cosmetic ingredients and are high performing in skin and hair care applications. Bio-based alkanes are also characterized by high purity and ready biodegradability. This article explores all the benefits of bio-based alkanes in cosmetic formulations for numerous applications including skincare, sun care, make-up, deodorants and demanding hair care.

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