Author C. Zanchetta, C. Jarrin, M. Fleury, D. Wahler, M. Pélican
Journal Edition sofw journal 12-2019


Yogurtene® Balance is a mix of spray dried yogurt and inulin, a vegetable fructose polysaccharide derived from chicory which has been widely used for its gut microbiome health benefits, due to its prebiotic activity. Thanks to this unique composition, Yogurtene® Balance is able to protect and rebalance the skin microflora towards one of a typically younger skin, while significantly improving skin hydration.

The active, rich in yogurt constituents and prebiotics supporting the skin friendly bacteria, was deeply studied by Givaudan Active Beauty researchers. Its performance was clinically proven in a rinse-off application (bar soap), demonstrating the impact of Yogurtene® Balance on skin microbiota composition.

i-MAPS, the first instant microbiome analysis and profiling system, is a scientific breakthrough combining microbiome research and new technology that opens the door for customers to explore the personalisation of beauty products involving the skin microbiome. Using bioinformatics, i-MAPS uses a combination of different techniques in a specific sequence to create individual profiles by mapping the skin microbiome in approximately seven hours compared to seven days for a standard analysis. Every profile provides exclusive information about the bacteria present on the microbiome and correlates it to a skin type such as oily, sensitive, or prematurely ageing.

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