Journal Edition sofw journal 10-2022


Hardly any other topic has occupied the players in the cosmetics industry as intensively in recent years as the question of sustainability. Regardless of whether new solutions are sought for products, ingredients or packaging, there is no way around an adequate sustainability consideration these days. Especially with regard to the packaging of cosmetics, there are many different approaches to solutions that are marketed as sustainable. In order to distinguish greenwashing from genuinely exemplary approaches, a detailed look and appropriate background knowledge is necessary.

With the aim of establishing all-round sustainable packaging solutions for everyday products, the company rezemo is developing a unique group of materials under the brand name forewood that consists entirely of bio-based raw materials. The wood fibre biopolymer composites form a powerful alternative to fossil plastics and thus open up new ways to design packaging in different applications. The article highlights different approaches to developing sustainable packaging and shows why the use of wood as a natural product should become part of our daily lives. 

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