Congratulations to 2018 IFSCC Henry Maso Award Winner



New York, USA -
6 March 2018
The winner of the 2018 IFSCC Henry Maso Award is Nelly Dubrulle from French company DNA Gensee. As this year’s winner, Nelly wins a trip to the 30th IFSCC Congress in Munich, Germany (18-21 September 2018). She will be presented with her award during the Congress.

The Henry Maso Award is given every two years to the best scientific paper published in the IFSCC Magazine by a young scientist within the two years prior to an IFSCC Congress. Congresses are held every two years, alternating with Conferences in the intervening years.

Nelly Dubrulle (pictured) is a Cell Biology & Fluorescence Imaging Engineer, specialising in cell culture (primary cell and cell lines), fluorescent labelling and transfections. She won the 2018 Henry Maso Award with her paper DNA metabarcoding as a tool to trace plants of interest in ingredients or cosmetics. Nelly is a member of the French Society, Société Française de Cosmétologie.

Speaking about the Award, Nelly said: “I feel very proud. This Award provides a chance to participate in a prominent Congress in the cosmetics field and to get to know a network of scientists in this field. As a young scientist, I had an opportunity to highlight DNA Gensee’s research and I wanted to share it with cosmetic players. It is an honour to be distinguished and to be chosen among so many talented young scientists. It’s brilliant and very motivating to contribute further to genetic sciences knowing that this work is recognised.”
The next Henry Maso Award will be awarded in 2020 when the IFSCC Congress will be held in Yokohama, Japan. It is recommended that scientific papers and entry forms be submitted by no later than 1 June 2019 to allow sufficient time for publication consideration.
To enter the competition, applicants must submit a full scientific paper in English on cosmetic or cosmetic related disciplines for publication by the IFSCC Magazine, indicating that they wish to be considered for the Henry Maso Award. Applicants must be no more than 40 years old when they submit their paper.
For more information visit IFSCC Henry Maso Award.

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