Cosmet'Agora 2019, a New Edition for Gattefossé's Tool Inspiration

Lyon, France - December 17th, 2018
Sensorial expert for more than 20 years, Gattefossé always surprises and delights with innovative cosmetic textures.

Boost your imagination
In a will to go a step further, Gattefossé launches INSPIRATION: a new tool to discover novel sensorial experiences and galvanize creativity. Providing pleasure, surprise and motivation, this tool aims to awaken formulators’ inner imagination.

INSPIRATION is a set of topics, each of them bringing a new breath through innovative textures and visuals. The formulations, that illustrate each topic, will help you to rediscover our ingredients outside of their comfort zone.
This annual rendezvous, in January at Cosmet’Agora, a French show designed for formulators will offer brand new topics, illustrations and formulations.
In 2019, INSPIRATION presents two topics: OUT OF THIS WORLD and INTO THE FUN.

Out of this world
How do the color of a make-up kit, the shade, the texture, or the scent of a day cream fit with the universe? Do cosmos and cosmetics have a common origin? Of course! If we refer to their Greek root « kósmos », meaning “universal order”, but also “ornament”.
Nowadays, this shared etymology feeds the beauty market inspired by the imaginary of space.
Products drape themselves in opalescent, constellated, telluric or madly luminous shades, while others imitate, by their textures, the Lunar or Martian surfaces…
Gattefossé invites you to a stellar journey to discover three new alien textures. #Outofthisworld

Into the fun
Can we laugh at everything? Rather feminine, more or less scientific, sometimes enchanting, the beauty world can also be funny and playful!
Humor makes its place in our bathrooms and interferes with our aesthetic gestures: greedy, facetious and colorful textures, they change visually or upon touch. From childhood throwbacks to crazy experiments, galenic forms can be amusing as well! Brands also explore the comic register to name their formulas in an increasingly humouristic way, making their sympathy rise!
Jump into the fun to enjoy three sensational textures. #Intothefun

About Gattefossé
Gattefossé develops, manufactures and sells specialty ingredients for the personal care and pharmaceutical industries and offers a strong expertise in formulation for both of these activities.

Gattefossé markets its products in more than 60 countries through 12 affiliated companies and a network of agents and distributors who provide technical and marketing support. Innovation, ethics, quality and long-term stability are the company key-drivers since the beginning.

Gattefossé was founded in Lyon, France in 1880 by Mr. Louis Gattefossé to whom building strong relationship with customers was a priority. The company still is a family-run and independent business, and now employs more than 300 people worldwide.

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