ImerCare® Branches Out into Innovative Colorful Scrubs at In-cosmetics Global 2019


Touluse, France - 11 March 2019
At this year’s in-cosmetics Global, Imerys Minerals, the world leader in mineral-based specialties, will be showcasing ImerScrub™, a highly innovative addition to the successful ImerCare® white volcanic pearl range for gentle exfoliation.

ImerScrubTM is a full range of spherical, colored perlites developed using patented technology to provide a refined, aesthetic effect in exfoliating products.

ImerScrubTM is currently available in five different shades:

This new colored range is a huge step forward for the replacement of plastic beads in cosmetics with natural ingredients. It opens new horizons for our customers through minerals in cosmetics and rounds out the current white scrub range perfectly,” says Thierry Casteran, Global Business Development Director.

Imerys Minerals will showcase these novel ingredients at the Innovation Zone and Sensory Bar at in-cosmetics Global next April. More information and samples of ImerScrubTM will also be available from the Imerys Booth T120.

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About perlite, the volcanic pearl
Perlite products are made from a volcanic rock which contains 2-6% water in its inner structure. When heated to around 900°C, the water trapped within the structure is vaporized, causing the material to expand and form a spherical structure. The white ImerCare® P-Scrub range and new colored ImerScrubTM range have been developed using patented engineered technology which combines the natural hardness of the volcanic rock with the softness of these spherical particles to provide a gentle, physical exfoliation effect.

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