DGK e.V. (German Society of Scientific and Applied Cosmetics) General Meeting 2019: Voting of New - Former Board


Thannhausen, Germany - May, 2019
On the occasion of the 22nd DGK Symposium in Essen on May 15, 2019, an election of The Board was held at the general meeting. The existing board of directors reappeared in unaltered formation and was also unanimously re-elected.

photo: COSSMA, Angelika Meiss
President: Dr. Hartmut Schmidt-Lewerkühne
Secretary: Dr. Volker Wendel
Treasurer: Dr. Sven Munke
Advanced training: Dr. Andrea Weber
Professional groups: Britta Klebon
Long-standing auditors Marianne Schwarberg and Dr. Ellen Pfrommer were discharged.
Lothar Gehm and Silke Langer have been appointed as new auditors.
The Scientific Advisory Board was also newly elected and remained unchanged as follows:
Prof. Dr. Dr. Jürgen Lademann,
Prof. Dr. Rolf Daniels
Prof. Dr. Ulrike Heinrich


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