ISP Personal Care Introduces Chondricare® IS for Anti-aging Skin Care Formulations

Biomimetic of the “moonlighting” protein aconitase stimulates cell metabolism and protects mitochondrial DNA for overall cellular health

Munich, Germany, 22 April 2009

ISP Personal Care announced that it has launched a new synthetic peptide as part of its Vincience® line of skin biofunctional ingredients that has been developed to slow premature aging and to enhance the health and functioning of skin cells. Called Chondricare® IS, this new biofunctional ingredient is a synthetic pentapeptide that functions as a mimetic of the protein aconitase – a critical functional element of human cells that both stimulates cell metabolism during the Krebs cycle and protects mitochondrial DNA (mtDNA) from oxidative damage – such as that caused by UVB radiation. By increasing the aconitase enzymatic activity in cells, Chondricare IS can help counteract the slowing of cell metabolism and help prevent mitochondrial DNA damage, both of which have been observed as conditions of the aging process. ISP Personal Care is currently recommending Chondricare IS as an ingredient in anti-aging formulations to protect mtDNA, in daily formulations to protect skin from UV-induced mtDNA damage and in night formulations for the regeneration of cell energy levels.

According to Joel Mantelin, Global Marketing Director, Skin Care, Chondricare IS addresses mitochondrial aging by enhancing [in-vitro] both activities of the “moonlighting” mitochondrial protein, aconitase. “The interest in aconitase in cosmetics is linked to its capacity to adapt its activity according to the needs in the mitochondria: energy production or mtDNA protection. Chondricare IS provides the capacity for the skin to switch from energy synthesis to a bodyguard function - protection of mtDNA - as an adaptive response to changing environmental conditions and stresses,” he said. “This ability of Chondricare IS to modulate the moonlighting aconitase activity represents a breakthrough strategy and an innovative anti-aging skin-care approach,” he added.

Energizing and protecting mitochondria

Mitochondria are autonomous cell organelles whose main function is to supply the energy of a cell through the Krebs cycle and respiratory chain. Within the mitochondria, the enzyme aconitase (aconitate hydratase) is a key component of the central pathway of energy production - as part of the tricarboxylic acid cycle, it converts citrate into isocitrate. Reactive oxygen species (ROS), such as oxygen ions and peroxides, target aconitase and can prevent it from performing its function in the Krebs cycle. In oxidative conditions, iron cannot bind to the iron-sulfur cluster, and the protein shifts to its second function: the protein opens up and grips mitochondrial DNA to form nucleoids.

Beyond the ability to inhibit energy production, ROS are particularly damaging to mitochondrial DNA. mtDNA damage accumulates progressively during life and is directly responsible for a measurable deficiency of energy synthesis and accountable for cell aging. Studies have shown that mitochondrial DNA-binding proteins, such as aconitase, are able to shield mitochondrial DNA from oxidative damage.

ISP Personal Care has conducted a broad range of studies on the impact of Chondricare IS on aconitase enzymatic activity as it affects both cellular energy production and mitochondrial DNA protection. It has been tested, via a broad range of in-vitro studies to:

  • • Increase and protect aconitase enzymatic activity;
  • • Increase enzyme activity in Krebs cycle;
  • • Increase cellular metabolic activity;
  • • Increase aconitase mtDNA protection; and
  • • Preserve mitochondrial activity in conditions of stress –  particularly with UVB-related oxidative stress.

According to Mantelin, Chondricare IS represents a new opportunity for skin care developers to address fundamental causes of anti-aging in highly effective and innovative consumer products. “With Chondricare IS, we are addressing the foundation of our living selves – the human cell. It is at this level that healthy living begins and the place where we can profoundly affect the aging process,” he said. “We look forward to working with scientists who are concerned with healthy and beautiful skin in putting this technology to work in their formulations,” he added.

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