The Innovation Company® Presents: Unique Solutions for Sun Care


Dreux, France - 31 May 2017

The Innovation Company® offers excellent products for UV-protection. We only select photostable materials, for instance we only use rutile type TiO2. We have selected several different crystal sizes of TiO2 so that we are able to give solutions for claims such as high SPF, transparent applications, or high UVA protection.

Creasperse® UV dispersions
  • Pre-dispersed physical UV-filters, based on ultrafine TiO2 and ZnO
  • As standard products, we offer dispersions based on Hydrogenated Polydecene, Hydrogenated Polyisobutene and Vegetable Squalane, but we can also custom tailor them based on other photostable emollients

Eospoly® UV composites
  • Based on ultrafine TiO2 and ZnO, which are encapsulated in silica spheres
  • UVA and UVB protection
  • Instant optical illusion of smoothness and luminosity
  • Especially suitable for O/W emulsions in which they provide the best light diffusion performance

BNPoly® UV

Composite platelet shaped materials where hexagonal Boron Nitride crystal is coated with double layer of ultrafine TiO2 and ZnO and sealed with a polymer
Adhere well on the skin providing a very specific ceramic effect

Micapoly® UV
Based on muscovite mica, which ultrafine TiO2 and ZnO are sealed in double layers
Ideal products for powder formulations
Long lasting properties and excellent transparency

Our unique analytical laboratory is at our customers’ disposal when using our mineral UV filters.

Our equipment for testing our ingredients and customers’ final products includes :
  • 2 Labspheres (series 1000 and 2000 ), using PMMA plates but also In Vitro Skin method if the formulation contain organic UV filters.
  • An Atlas lamp for photostability testing as defined by the ISO EU test methods.
  • A spectrocolorimeter to measure the color difference (Delta E) before and after UV irradiation on the sun care product.
  • A DSC (Differential scanning calorimetry) to insure stability over large section of temperature variations.
  • A BET to analyze specific surface area of our Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide UV-filters.
  • A Zetasizer measuring Zeta Potential on our powder composites and dispersions to insure surface repulsion forces and so, the best stability in your formula.
  • A Rheometer to insure texture and sensorial application qualities to your product.
  • A SEM (Scanning Electron Microscope) with EDX analysis to measure the exact particle size on the ingredients in your formula
  • An In-Vivo microscope (Vivascope® ) to measure the reduction of organic UV-filters to the blood stream (cutaneous penetration) on different skin types
The Innovation Company® team is dedicated to help you in your project development and achieving your objective targets.

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