Givaudan Active Beauty’s K-Beauty Expertise Inspires Visitors at in-cosmetics Korea


“In Occident, we are fascinated by this paradox where traditional is permanently anchored in quite prospective future.” Vincent Grégoire, Nelly Rodi consultant

Argenteuil, France - April 28th 2017

BB cream, CC cream, Cushion, Face masks: the Korean cosmetic revolutions boost the
market all over the world thanks to the high level of innovative differentiation in terms of
shaped-memory, jelly craze & watersensation textures, nature-infused products.

The beauty routine of Asian women and more especially in Korea is composed of almost 7 steps to reach a pure & smooth skin, and consumers around the world consider K-Beauty cosmetics as valuable products having a high impact on their skin.

During in cosmetics Korea in Seoul, Givaudan Active Beauty highlights 7 K-Beauty related concepts including powerful active cosmetic ingredients to inspire the creation of the new Asian inspired products:

Oil infused microcapsules to nourish the hair (Hyalusphere®) - Oil compatible hyaluronic acid (PrimalHyal® Gold) – Hair care hyaluronic acid solution (ResitHyal™)

The new aqua-sensation S3D® Millésime containing Revivyl™, SensHyal and Unitamuron™ H-22

Magical make up solutions with our sweat resistant and long-lasting Unimer U-1946, or our Bicolor Unispheres® for colour transforming BB creams

Break down skin stress (cortisol) with Neurophroline™ - Get protected from Ozone (Unicontrozon™)

Pure spring sea water (Eau de source Marine) – Microalgae hydration secret (Hydrintense™) – Long term on skin activated coolant (Evercool®)

Redensyl™ to ensure hair growth – Colorboosting Unispheres® to hide grey hair

Instant skin whitening with Flashwhite Unispheres – Vibrant colours technology in shower gels and shampoos with Colour Explosion Beads

Fabrice Lefèvre, Marketing & Innovation Director said “The Korean cosmetic industry is leading the way in our industry thanks to Korean brands’ tremendous short time to market. These K-brands also keeps being highly innovative by breaking down rules such as men’s make-up innovations, or by offering new textures packaged in the best quality packs to ensure the best consumers experience. We analysed their key success
factors and combined them in 7 themes to inspire our customers.

To find out more about Active Beauty’s K-Beauty related innovations, come to visit us at in-cosmetics Korea in Seoul booth #J60.

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