Thixolastic® - The 2nd Dimension in Skin Care


Dreux, France - 03 August 2017

When trying a new cosmetic product, the consumer’s buying decision is mostly based on three arguments: seeing, feeling and smelling the product. No matter what the active ingredient is, the texture of the product is the key property that attracts the consumer. This is why developing new texturizers is a constantly ongoing matter.

Introducing Thixolastic® skin care

The texture can be modified by understanding rheology. Most texturizers provide only one type of rheological behaviour, but in Thixolastic® we have incorporated several textures by rheological combinations.

Thixolastic® combines three kinds of rheological behaviour, which allows recreating the youth modulus on the skin:

The 1st is the spreadability and application of the product due to its thixotropic effect. It enables an ideal, smooth flow of the product on the skin.

The 2nd is the long playtime, which is brought by the pseudoplastic nature of Thixolastic®. It allows applying the product until it is perfectly set.

The 3rd effect is the silicone feel. It is achieved by sphereology, which is a very precise combination of different particle sizes and materials. It creates a luxurious texture that is suitable for any type of skin, from very atopic to sebum rich.

The development of Thixolastic® has been conducted by our R&D laboratories that are equipped with a new generation rheometer.

Welcome Thixolastic® innovation.
Live the future, now.

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