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Fréjus, France - 18 August 2017
NATURA-TECABYSOFT is a COSMOS approved multifunctional -TEC performance enhancer for skin, make-up and hair care applications. This multitasking ingredient shows sensorial, nourishing and replenishing properties which make it an ideal all-natural conditioning, moisturizing and protective agent in both skin care and hair care applications.

NATURA-TECABYSOFT has been shown to offer substantial benefits to overall hair health in particular, with strong protective action against heat and UV damage. In a series of studies this unique ingredient displayed significant levels of protection against damage induced by high temperature hair straighteners as well as colour protection against UV and sea water aggression.

NATURA-TECABYSOFT has also been proven to enhance hair volume, elasticity, brightness and combability whilst reducing electrostaticity when used in hair conditioning formulations. It is used in several hair care products on the market to effectively replace synthetic or silicone derived hair conditioning materials.

NATURA-TECABYSOFT protects and maintains hair’s natural -TEC vitality against both mechanical and environmental stress making it an ideal choice for formulators looking to create finished cosmetic products that offer comprehensive hair benefits.

Quantification of hair damaged after the use of an active leave
on protective conditioner containing 3% Abysoft and heat treatment
(hair straightener : 180°C)

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