drom fragrances Creates The Scent for The New Cumaru Raiz Line for L´Occitane au Brésil


Baierbrunn/São Paulo - October 19, 2017
drom fragrances is proud to announce the creation of an exclusive fragrance for the men´s collection “Cumaru Raiz Line” for L´Occitane au Brésil.

Created by drom´s perfumers Benoit Lapouza, Eve Miralles and Anne Louise Gautier the Cumaru Raiz Line is an exquisite collection, built around the millenarian Cumaru´s root. An aura of spicy ginger, woody cumaru and rich leather gives this exclusive fragrance the strength to disrupt limits and grow majestically – the ideal composition for real and authentic men.

Inspired by the shape and texture of the cumaru´s seeds, the famous Brazilian designer Marcelo Rosenbaum created the bottles of the Cumaru Raiz Line consisting of a bodyspray, multifunctional pre and post shaving cream, combing beard cream and a beard and body soap.

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drom fragrances (www.drom.com) has been creating and producing extraordinary fragrances since 1911. drom’s goal since then has always been to design amazing scents through a unique combination of outside-the-box creativity, up-to-date trend insight and high-quality materials. Headquartered in Munich, Germany with a network of worldwide subsidiaries, drom’s success has spread over four major regions: Europe, Asia Pacific, The Middle East, and The Americas. Taking pride in and continuing the family tradition, drom is now managed by Dr. Ferdinand Storp and Dr. Andreas Storp - the third generation of the Storp family. With revenues exceeding $180 million and 480 employees, drom is one of the world’s top ten fragrance houses.

In addition to Fine Fragrances, drom also produces fragrances for the Cosmetics & Toiletries, Hair and Home Care segments, and in Multimedia & Entertainment. High-tech production facilities in Europe, the U.S., China and Brazil, as well as representatives and subsidiaries on every relevant continent, ensure the necessary customer proximity and an annual production capacity of roughly 45,000 tons. Uniform production standards guarantee that drom’s high quality requirements are always met worldwide.

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